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LEGO Star Wars The Video Game APK - Relive the Saga of All 6 Episodes in LEGO Style on Your Android Device

While not the first Lego game, I would argue that Lego Star Wars the Video Game is the game that started the franchise on the role that it is on now. As I write this there are five Lego Star Wars games with a sixth one due to be released! This franchise is massive and as someone who loves Star Wars and loves Lego this game was the perfect mix for me and I feel it holds up pretty well to this day.

lego star wars the video game download apk

The story of the game is actually a three-peat. By that I mean you get to play through the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. Despite what many people say, I like the prequel trilogy! Lego Star Wars the Video Game gives each of the three movies its own space in the game. You start with The Phantom Menace and once you are there, you then have to play through a series of chapters.

So far as I write this the only game in the core Lego games series, I have not really enjoyed is The Lego Movie 2. Apart from that, I have had a great time with every game in the series and it all started here with Lego Star Wars the Video Game. I will admit that the later games are much better than this and, in all honesty, you are far better playing the Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga than this. However, I cannot overlook just how much of an important game this was. Plus, while the later Lego games and Lego Star Wars games, in particular, are better, this one here is still a fun time.

There's absolutely no doubting that to play, LEGO Star Wars is a blast. The kind of game that slaps a big, dopey grin on your face from the moment you start, keeps it there throughout and leaves it there for a good few hours after you finish. Except that the grin actually lasts longer than the game does. Yeah, that's right, you can see what's coming as clearly as if it were wearing a great big sign above its head. A flashing sign with neon lettering, followed by an even bigger sign pointing out the first one's existence just to be sure you don't miss it. I hate having to write it. You're going to hate having to read it. But it's unavoidable, so we'd better all just grit our teeth, get through it as quickly as we can then meet on the other side for a quick debrief and a pint to console ourselves. Ready? Here goes: as much as we all absolutely love the concept at work here, as well as the execution, the sheer fact that from an actual gaming perspective there's almost little (if any) proper challenge and that you can feasibly complete the whole game - including bonuses - in less than a day simply has to count against it. Hence the lack of any shiny award logos anywhere on these three pages.

Lucascorp is pretty touchy about unauthorised usage of Star Wars intellectual property and all, but surely a bonus area where you can buy boxes of bricks and/or blueprints and then build whatever takes your fancy might have been nice? There's very little missing from the LEGO Star Wars experience, but some multiplayer deathmatch action to accompany the two-player co-op could have worked too. Something along the lines of old Dreamcast multiplayer combat classic Power Stone? We moan about games lacking co-op modes for years, now we get one and start asking for competitive modes. No pleasing some people.


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