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RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment)

Please note that one Respiratory Fit Test is completed at any one time.

  • Technician sets up Portacount and successfully completes daily checks (Approximately 20 mins).

  • Test subject completes paperwork (including COVID-19 Health Declaration and Respirator Fit Testing Form)

  • Personal Data into Portacount computer program by Technician.

  • Respirator is selected, fit testing probes are fitted, and Portacount tubes are entered.

  • Please note that once a sampling probe is installed into a disposable mask, the mask cannot be used for respiratory protection.

  • Test subject puts on mask and a visual inspection from the Technician is conducted to ensure the mask is properly fitted.

  • The following activities are conducted, each for 30 seconds, to determine the adequacy of the respirator to the individual:

    • Bending over

    • Talking/Jogging

    • Head side to side

    • Head up and down

  • If the fit test fails, the test must be repeated. The current respirator may need adjusting or a different respirator will be tested.

  • If the test subject passes all the activities and overall fit factor, then the Respiratory Fit Test report is saved.

  • The Technician will go through training and competency check on wearing a respirator and what is needed to know by the test subject.

  • Test subject signs Respirator Fit Testing Form and is given a fit test card from the Technician.

  • Test completed and test subject is free to go.

  • Technician sanitises Portacount equipment.

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