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Record Buyers Sydney

The sale of the 1980s-built house on a vast 4116 square metres stunned locals earlier this year because the result was well above the $6 million guide, took just 10 days to sell and smashed local house price records by $1.75 million.

record buyers sydney

Hales senior\\u2019s brother Stephen Hales set an Epping record of $4 million in 2016 when he bought the heritage Blairgowrie mansion, and that was topped in late 2019 when Cameron and Rochelle Hales bought a six-bedroom mansion up the road for $5.75 million.

Following a major digitisation program by NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) and the NSW Government, you can access over 19 million land records and historical documents online. The program converted NSW titles into an electronically delivered Torrens Title system and digitised one of the largest holdings of archival records in the state.

By imaging records and transferring the originals to NSW State Archives and Records, the program ensures the long-term preservation of these valuable historical documents which are amongst the oldest of the State of NSW.

The Plan Lodgment books, also known as the Register of Deposited and Strata Plans, were used between 1863 to 1995 to record details of deposited plans, strata plans (only since 1961), and a range of other plans lodged with NSW LRS.

Some dealings that relate to current titles may need to be examined in connection with a current land transaction.In historical research there may be details on the dealing not shown on the title folio e.g. the value of a transfer, details of buyers and sellers, terms and conditions of a mortgage or details of easements and other encumbrances.

The records are identified by a 'dealing number', usually a number prefixed by a letter of the alphabet. Dealing numbers are shown in the Torrens Purchasers Index and are usually on the Torrens Title folio. These can be:

Deposited Plans (DP) define legal boundaries of land and often record subdivisions, easements, resumptions or are prepared to support Primary Applications. The first 10,000 deposited plans will be re-scanned in colour to make colour markings and other details more legible.

Having records in the computerised system simplifies finding and confirming the current title.Locating the Vol/Fol reference for a manual folio can take time as the Street address inquiry in the NSW LRS Online portal does not reference manual titles.

Books have been progressively removed from NSW LRS, Sydney and sent to Bathurst for scanning, and conservation treatment if required. Once scanned, these records are transferred to State Archives, with NSW LRS continuing to house the remaining Old System records.

Those books which have been removed from the shelves, and are yet to be processed and loaded onto the public terminals, can be requested from the Old System Records counter at NSW LRS. The requested pages will be re-prioritised for prompt delivery.Once each record set has been completely scanned, metadata captured and images quality assured, they will be made available via the Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV). Once loaded onto the viewer the books will be searchable, as per the current manual procedure, by the first letter of a surname and date range of the book.

NSW LRS has produced detailed guides which describe Land Title Systems in New South Wales and which assist you in conducting searches of current and historical information. The guides are available to view or download for free.Information sheets on how to access the Old System records through HLRV are also available.

Surveyors in the field used small books to record both survey data and notes as surveys were carried out. They often contain notes about buildings and topography, astronomical observations for charting coordinates, boundary marks and other details that go beyond what is shown in the Crown plans and other registered plans that resulted from the surveys.

Except for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore and Holt Sutherland Estate folios, the Old Form Register, consisting of over two million titles, has now been imaged in colour and the original documents have been transferred to NSW State Archives and Records. This preserves these important records and provides greater public access to them.

Do you have stacks of old vinyl records packed away or collecting dust on your shelf? Ever wonder if your vinyl records are worth anything? We enlisted the help of three experts to show you which are the most valuable records in the world, how to find record values, and where to sell records so you can cash in on your old vinyl.

Essmeier says the COVID-19 pandemic caused prices to increase for collectibles of all kinds, including records. He cited factors such as stimulus money and the fact that many people had little to do during quarantine.

Vinyl record prices has been steadily rising due to greater demand. This means that some of your LPs could be worth good money. Are you thinking of selling your vinyl collection or are you selling some albums that you inherited? Are you asking yourself "How much are records really worth?"

We also use internet sales as a price guide for vinyl record prices but care has to be taken as sites like Ebay will list extremely common and low value records for very high prices. Records we have trouble selling for $1 will be listed for prices anywhere between $5 and $50.

This article lists the owners of the largest private music collections, some of which have been donated to public institutions for their study and preservation. As of 2017, the largest record collection with over 6 million items belongs to Zero Freitas.

If you have an unusual property or one that is only going to appeal to a small subset of buyers your agent is going to have work harder to sell it, so are likely to charge you more for their time and efforts.

How do you know an agent is any good? By their track record of course - so look for recent sales of properties similar to yours. Some agents are great at selling one type of property and make it their speciality. Others are more flexible and understand the best way to sell a particular property.

If you want to get the lowest possible fee, you have to fine-tune your negotiating skills. It's worth speaking to a few different local agents to see how flexible they are. You might be willing to pay a slightly higher commission if they have a proven track record of selling above market rate.

IF you've been eyeing an Italian wool suit or skirt, it might be a good idea to buy sooner rather than later. The price of fine fleece is on the rise. After inspecting samples from thousands of desk-sized bales stacked in a 53-acre warehouse near Sydney, international wool buyers converge on a small auction room.

The opening price has scarcely left his lips before buyers shove the price up in machine-gun bidding: ``10!'' comes a shout. ``20!'' says another. ``30! 40! 50!-5! 60!-5! 70!-5! ... 1,575 [Australian] cents, is it?'' cries the auctioneer. And with the slam of a wooden hammer: ``1,575 - it's tied up.''

In the last 18 months or so, Australian raw wool prices have more than doubled from about 40 cents to 90 cents a kilogram (US; Australian 46 to 104 cents). Benchmark prices are off slightly from the record highs hit last April. But they're moving up on seasonal demand that could pump prices to record levels again. Although some wool brokers say a top is imminent, others predict equally high or higher prices for another two years.

In the next year or two, ``buyers from France and Italy and the United States will be paying 31 percent more for the same type of wool as they were at this time this year,'' says Bill Tysoe, wool valuer at Dalgety Winchcombe, a major Australia wool company. ``And the Japanese [the biggest buyers of Australian wool] will be paying about 18 percent more.''

Australia's sheep farmers are more than happy to supply fleece to the fashion conscious. After 10 lean years of low prices and growing debt, they're finally flush again. Wool brought in a record $5 billion (US; Australian $5.8 billion) in the 1987-88 fiscal year, surpassing coal as Australia's biggest export earner. If current price trends hold, a new record will be set this year. That's welcome news for Prime Minister Bob Hawke's government, which is trying to reduce the country's balance of payments deficit.

Omega Auctions are the No.1 auction house worldwide for rare & collectable vinyl records, selling around 500,000 records every year in our specialist vinyl record auctions. We cover ALL genres, the only criteria is that the records are considered collectable.

Items accepted include LPs, 7" singles, 12" singles, acetates, demos etc, cd's and tapes. If you're looking to sell your vinyl record collection we can help you to achieve the best possible price in one of our specialist vinyl auctions. We love record collections and can make house calls for large collections, including estate sales, shop closure stock and radio station stock. We're interested in most kinds of music but the main emphasis is on rock & pop, indie, soul, dance, jazz, punk, psych, soul, northern soul, folk, blues and reggae.

With our international database of collectors and dealers, we can ensure that you achieve the best price for your record collection, so if you want to sell your old records, please get in touch with our specialist vinyl team. Vinyl relating to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd are selling well and achieving excellent sale prices in the current market. Our previous auctions have achieved record breaking prices for vinyl from all of these artists.

If you have a vinyl collection to sell, we always recommend auction as the best way to realise the highest sale prices. Your collection will be sorted and broken down into appropriate lots in order to maximise your return. The collection will then be catalogued, photographed and marketed to dealers and collectors worldwide. With multiple buyers all bidding against each other you will without a doubt achieve the maximum possible price. If however, you prefer to sell your collection outright, we can also make a fair and competitive offer for your collection. We'd love to talk to you about your collection, your buying and selling needs, and how Omega Auctions can work for you. Call or email us today if you would like us to help you in determining the best options for your collection. 041b061a72


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