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Sevastyan Antonov
Sevastyan Antonov

"The Wild Wild West" The Night Of The Bleak Isl...

Only mentally deficient paranoid lunatics believe this kind of nuttiness out of some George Orwell novel is the answer. American made a terrible, terrible mistake at its origins with the Second Amendment. What kind of "natural right" is bearing arms? Now with the astonishing proliferation fueled by greedy and immoral gun manufacturers, America is turning into into some bleak post-Apocalyptic landscape - and we let it happen! The wingnuts LIKE it this way, because they're already crazy, and live in some violent computer-game fantasy of their own. They WANT a wild west. But we are Americans too and it's time to turn off the spiggot and keep turning it. I'm completely disgusted with this mania.

"The Wild Wild West" The Night of the Bleak Isl...



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