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You may not be well-acquainted with your vulva -- the opening and outer lips of your vagina. But if you've held a mirror down there recently, you may have noticed some changes. For one thing, it's probably paler than it used to be. The lighter color is due to reduced blood flow from lower estrogen levels. The inner lips have shrunk for the same reason, and they may be drier than they were before.

Labia is the medical term for lips and can be used to refer to the lips of female genitalia. The labia cover and protect the urethral opening (the urethra is the passageway to the bladder) and the vagina. There are two outer lips, the labia majora, and two inner lips, the labia minora.

The vaginal introitus is normally several centimetres in length and in adults can easily stretch to accommodate a penis during sexual intercourse, and at the end of pregnancy, a baby's head. When the labia are fused together, the opening is smaller and the skin can't stretch. The introitus can be as small as a pinhead when labial adhesions are severe. Symptoms may be absent or the adhesion may lead to:

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The Eastern Iowa and Minnesota Till Prairies (MLRA 104) includes the Iowan Surface, Oak Savanna, and Western Coulee and Ridges landforms (Prior 1991; MDNR 2005; WDNR 2015). It spans three states (Iowa, 74 percent; Minnesota, 22 percent; Wisconsin, 4 percent), encompassing approximately 9,660 square miles (Figure 1). The elevation ranges from approximately 1,310 feet above sea level (ASL) on the highest ridges to about 985 feet ASL in the lowest valleys. Local relief is mainly 10 to 20 feet. Glacial till and outwash deposits cover the uplands of the MLRA with recent alluvium located in the major river valleys. Paleozoic bedrock sediments, comprised primarily of shale and limestone, lies beneath the glacial material. The depth to limestone is shallow, resulting in karst topography across much of the area (USDA-NRCS 2006). The vegetation in the MLRA has undergone drastic changes over time. Spruce forests dominated the landscape 30,000 to 21,500 years ago. As the last glacial maximum peaked 21,500 to 16,000 years ago, they were replaced with open tundras and parklands. The end of the Pleistocene Epoch saw a warming climate that initially prompted the return of spruce forests, but as the warming continued, spruce trees were replaced by deciduous trees (Baker et al. 1990). Not until approximately 9,000 years ago did the vegetation transition to prairies as climatic conditions continued to warm and subsequently dry. Between 4,000 and 3,000 years ago, oak savannas began intermingling within the prairie landscape, while the more wooded and forested areas maintained a foothold in sheltered areas. This prairie-forest transition ecosystem formed the dominant landscapes until the arrival of European settlers (Baker et al. 1992).

A $105 million courthouse opened in Franklin County, Ohio, on Monday, but the builders seemed to have forgotten one thing - the bottom of the stairs, reports affiliate 10TV. The staircase is made of glass.

Did anybody watch the video? These aren't glass steps, just another form of open risers which are in many places. This instead put a piece of glass as a riser instead of having them open, most likely to meet codes for egress. I haven't looked into codes for government buildings, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were less lenient for safety. Normally stairs have to have a riser unless it is not included as a means of egress during a fire or other emergency in public buildings.

I see nothing wrong with these stairs, as the steps themselves are solid. Why, then, do we not here an outcry for most every apartment building with open riser stairs? They don't even have the luxury to take an elevator. It's easier to criticize something that's nice than something that isn't. You wouldn't see the same uproar over a public building that wasn't so nicely designed.

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