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Pro100 5 20 Demo Crack By 14

I cannot be a Babolat user, but I can be a Babolat user with confidence. Ive been using Babolats for decades; when I say decades I mean starting with stringing shots with my first racquet in my younger days. For a guy who doesnt want to buy another racquet, having a racquet that is well-known, well-designed, and well-made will be a great start. Thats why Im so excited that I can test out, and buy, the Pro100. When I first saw the Pro100 in the store, it reminded me of a Babolat or an EZSP. I liked the weight of the racquet and the balance. The fact that I already had a string bed of my own choosing made it all the more easier. After picking up the racquet and getting it out on the court to test, I noticed a couple of things that I didnt like. First, it was a bit stiffer than I would have liked. I usually play with a solid flex point and dont like to rock on the court. Second, the leather grip was way to stiff. I know that this is Babolats design element, but it doesnt mix well with my nervous style. I was able to get used to it quickly, but Im not sold yet. To get a better feel for this racquet, I would have to take it to a second test. The same goes for the new Babolat Pure Storm that Babolat is using to advertise. Until I get my hands on that, I cant give the Babolat Pure Storm any attention until I have the Pro100 to compare the two.From: Myriam, 2/28/19

Pro100 5 20 Demo Crack By 14


Comments: What a ride getting this one to play. First off, was the construction. This thing feels like a solid rock in your hand. Also, the 15.5 in the head is killer. I am hitting with a 2-3oz lead at the mid hitting area. The center of the disc is sliding like crazy. Definitely want to upgrade to something with a little more stability in the air. If you are on the fence about this one and dont want to get a demo before you buy (which I highly suggest), look at the Babolat Pure Storm from BlackFriday. Im currently using one and the more I hit with it the more I like it. The Pro 100 is a nice alternative. And if you play with a lot of power, youll LOVE it! With this racquet, you wont believe how comfortable it is. From: Chris, 2/3/19


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