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Sevastyan Antonov
Sevastyan Antonov

Atlas Of Liver Pathology, Second Edition (ATLAS...

Methods: A focused evaluation of hepatocyte ballooning recognition was conducted. Digitized slides were evaluated by 9 internationally recognized expert liver pathologists on 2 separate occasions: each pathologist independently marked every ballooned hepatocyte and later provided an overall non-NASH NAFL/NASH assessment. Interobserver variation was assessed and a 'concordance atlas' of ballooned hepatocytes generated to train second harmonic generation/two-photon excitation fluorescence imaging-based artificial intelligence (AI).

Atlas of Liver Pathology, Second Edition (ATLAS...

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The authors suggest that the text is a companion to additional readings. I found that Liver Pathology not only provides the basics of interpreting liver biopsies for pathologists, hepatologists, and gastroenterologists, but also includes a brief but comprehensive text for most clinical hepatic problems. Liver Pathology is a worthwhile addition to the library of most physicians interested in the liver. It is a fine companion to the current old standby, Scheuer's Liver Biopsy Interpretation, first published almost 50 years ago, recent editions of which have been written with or by Jay Lefkowitch. Its 9th edition is at the publisher and is scheduled for publication in late 2015. 041b061a72


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