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Sebastian Taylor

[S10E8] Two Against One

Will had fifteen tumors in his abdomen. Because his cancer was such an aggressive sarcoma, they had to go in and attempt to remove all of the tumors at once. Seven tumors were removed without incident. However, when they got to the eighth one, the hardest one, Meredith decided she wanted to skip it and go back later, going against their surgical plan. After all the other tumors had been resected, Meredith went to attempt to remove number eight, despite Alex's doubts. Alex became more concerned when she risked removing so much liver that he wouldn't have enough to support his recovery. Stephanie then brought up the two-challenge rule. She and Alex formally challenged Meredith's approach, forcing her to stop. Because they were unable to remove all the tumors, Will had to stay in the hospital longer, so Alex removed the peds decorations to make Will's stay more comfortable.

[S10E8] Two Against One

After the surgery to insert a synthetic graft, Nathan began to show signs that he was rejecting it. They began treating it with medication with the hope that it would help. Shane did some research and found out that in Japan, they're printing conduits and seeding them with the babies' own cells. Shane and Cristina filed a compassionate release so that they could use the technology for Nathan. However, while Shane was doing that, Nathan went into full-on rejection, so Cristina decided against the printed conduit. Once he went into heart failure, Shane talked her into changing her mind.

Phoebe wants to enter Emma in a Tri-State baby beauty contest; Rachel is initially against the idea, but changes her mind quickly when she hears that first prize is $1,000, which they end up winning. Ross meanwhile gets three prime tickets for the New York Rangers, but Chandler told them not to go as they would be late for Monica's dinner. Ross and Joey agree that they won't go, but they go to the game anyway.

Russia is now hitting Ukraine with much stronger missiles than ever before called hypersonic missiles that are nearly unstoppable. Ukraine is struggling to defend itself against these new weapons. So far, the missiles have caused at least 6 civilian deaths in the western region of the country. 041b061a72


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