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Mera Badla Revenge Full Movie In Hindi 13 Fix

The story then shifts to the lives of Sathyajith, his wife, and his daughter.Satyajith is a wealthy businessman who is haunted by some visions. On his psychiatrist's advice, he meets a yogi.The yogi tells him that the property, Chempakakottai, which he bought 2 years ago, is the reason for his visions and that some spirits are waiting to take revenge against him by killing his family and friends. He also says that soil taken from four corners of the kottai should be brought to him. Satyajith sends his friend to take the soil. Although his friend who does not believe in ghosts manages to get the soil, he is brutally beaten up and put in the ICU by a supernatural power.Satyajith takes the soil to the yogi who puts it with some statues in three bags. He tells Satyajith to take the two bags to a priest and a musalyar while the third one is left with him. Later, the yogi asks him to stay in the house before the next full moon, 13 days from then as the spirit gets full powers on that day. The yogi gives them a raksha to be buried in front of the house.Satyajith and his friends go to Chempakakotai.

Mera Badla Revenge Full Movie In Hindi 13

At Chempakakotai, upon seeing Mathangi, Malli tells she wants revenge as she was cheated. Now a Yaga with full swamy around start mantras. Mathangi takes the plate in which bone pieces of Malli is put, and puts it in fire. Mathangi dies there itself. Now Sathyajith is safe as his child now normal with his wife. Film end showing Mathangi and Malli spirit together ascend up to sky.

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