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Sebastian Taylor

Fatal String Manager Failed To Initialize Properly

Okay, so the " ***FATAL*** string manager failed to initialize properly" error occurs when I start up the t3a online launcher alone, and run ROTWK from there. This is with running as administrator and BFME2 on 1.06. However, when I hook the t3a launcher to rotwk, and use the unnoficial ROTWK launcher to start the game, one instance of t3a pops up. When I hit the ROTWK button on THIS instance of t3a, ANOTHER t3a is launched. When I hit the ROTWK button on this second instance, the game launches, but when I try to log in online, the game soft locks and doesnt let me leave the online screen.

Fatal String Manager Failed To Initialize Properly

Fixed Blowfish.dll-caused error ***FATAL*** String Manager failed to initialize properly, which occurred if Blowfish.dll could not be registered in the OS, for example, it happened when the player did not have administrator rights. With Phobos, if the game did not find a registered file in the system, it will no longer try to register this file, but will load it bypassing registration.

Actually I get a message: "***FATAL*** String Manager failed to initialized properly".I should also point out that according to the shortcut the target is: "C:\LOTR\ROTWK\lotrbfme2ep1.exe -mod "C:\LOTR\ROTWK202_AOTR\AOTR4.0\aotr"" and the start in is "C:\LOTR\ROTWK". The ROTW folder was created during the installation of the 2.0.2 v8 patch.

If you've added your own custom configuration sections to your App.Config, make sure you have defined the section in the element. I added the my config XML but forgot to declare the configuration section up top - which caused the exception "Configuration system failed to initialize" for me.

Impact: On a vCMP host, the second provisioning may not complete properly and guest systems will not pass traffic. The vCMP host will continually try to start more than one tmm and fail when there should only be one tmm running. The /var/log/tmm logfile on the vCMP host will contain: Sep 25 01:33:28 vcmphost1 notice Too small memsize (60) -- need at least 136 MB The /var/log/tmm logfile on the vCMP guest will contain: Sep 25 01:38:21 bigip1 notice Failed to write /var/run/libdag.so_2, err: -30 Sep 25 01:38:21 bigip1 notice panic: vdag failed to attach Sep 25 01:38:21 bigip1 notice ** SIGFPE **

Added a test that checks for localized strings in the source code that contain position-based string formatting placeholders. If found, an exception message is generated that summarizes the problem, as well as the location of the problematic code. This will prevent future trunk commits from adding localized strings that cannot be properly translated


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