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7 Days In Hell

7 Days in Hell is a mockumentary inspired by a real event, a tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in the Wimbledon 2010 tournament. This tennis match has gone down as the longest in history as the opponents played for three days with a total of 183 games. The mockumentary shows the story of two completely different tennis players, named Aaron Williams and Charles Poole.

7 Days in Hell

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Charles Poole is a British child prodigy forced into a tennis career by his mother, and the pressure for him to win Wimbledon for his country is high. The public compares the careers of Poole and Williams, and when Poole speaks out saying that he believes he is the better player of the two, Williams escapes from Swedish prison to return to the tennis field in time for Wimbledon. They face each other in the first round of Wimbledon 2001, and it is the start of the so-called 7 days in hell.

The least effective parts of the film are the ones that actually focus on how this tennis match stretched out for seven days. While some of the excuses for its dragging on are amusing, they eventually get a little desperate and ... um, grasping. Well, you'll see. Much more delightful are all the little comedy baubles twinkling from various corners: an outrageous, totally straight-faced turn from David Copperfield; John McEnroe coming right up to the edge of having too much fun with his own persona but then basically getting it right; Michael Sheen as a sweaty, lecherous talk-show host; and especially a completely unnecessary sidebar into the history of Swedish courtroom artists.

The result is a match made in heaven and hell that stretches on for seven days, aided by psychology, absurdity, the weather and the passivity of British tennis rules, explained sporadically by a local expert, played by Fred Armisen.

The movie actually isn't too far fetched. To date, the longest tennis match record, held on Court 18 at Wimbledon, went for 11 hours over the course of three days as John Isner and Nicolas Mahut battled it out during the 2010 Championships.

In the movie, which was shot over three days in the summer of 2014, you'll see Samberg as a long-haired Andre Agassi-type and Harington as a dim-witted proper British player, serving and volleying their way through an epic match that lasted seven days.

During production, Samberg and Harington believed they actually were in hell. They shot their tennis scenes over three days in Palm Desert, where temperatures climbed to 122 degrees, according to Samberg.

This mockumentary centers around a fictional match between two rival tennis players, with Samberg's Aaron Williams being the bad boy of the sport while Kit Harrington's Charles Poole is an extremely talented but slow-witted prodigy. The documentary charts this "infamous" match, where the two bitterly fight over the course of seven days, which ends badly for both men. In addition to Kit Harrington and Andy Samberg, this special is also loaded with cameos from actors and sporting figures alike. Here's every major guest appearance below. 041b061a72


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