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Sevastyan Antonov

War Chess Free Download VERIFIED Full Version Pc Windows 7

San Francisco, California -December 07, 2007- Kozmo Games, a leading developer of casual games, today released Furball Frenzy their newest innovative game for the PC. Furball Frenzy takes place in a candy factory in space that has been invaded by hungry alien furballs. It challenges the player to use powerful lightning traps to catch the invading furballs before they manage to gobble up Earth's entire candy supply. Introducing a completely new click-trap gameplay to the casual market, Furball Frenzy will challenge game players of all ages. Furball Frenzy retails for U.S. $19.95, and a free trial version is available for download at as well as other leading game portals.

War Chess Free Download Full Version Pc Windows 7


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